Monday, August 05, 2013


I am a data nut.  If I see a statistic, I immediately want to know its origin.  And if I don't see a statistic, but instead see some unverified claim, I immediately want to see the statistics.

43.7% of statistics are made up on the spot. -- Steven Wright

Over the years, I've accumulated a collection of tools and data sources, as well as sources of ideas.  This article just lists the most prominent of these.  I use them, abuse them and often beat heads with the output of my efforts.  Of course, I read many political and/or social justice blogs.  I don't use them as sources of factual information, usually.  From them, I backtrack to the original (e.g., if I read an article based on a dataset from the Census Bureau, I go to the Census Bureau and look at the original data.).  My golden rule is, "trust, but verify." Heh-heh.

I don't list it here, but I do use Excel quite a bit.  By loading something like, say, a UCR into Excel, I can turn it into a table and filter the data quickly; or likewise, by creating a pivot table.  Then, charting the results of the filtering is a snap.

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