Friday, November 09, 2012

The Life Unexamined Is Not Worth Living

I have to admit, I am stunned at the stubborn refusal of GOP party leaders to engage in any sort of self-examination after their defeat at the polls. In a very short time, the new electoral strategy for the Republican Party has emerged -- "meet the new boss, same as the old boss." Gerrymander the electoral vote to reduce the Democratic share; repeal the Voting Rights Act, in order to deny voting rights to minorities without interference by annoying laws; implement Jim Crow laws again, targeted to prevent the poor from voting; restrict access to the polls by reducing the number of polling stations and the hours they are open.
Fundamentally, to vote Republican means supporting these tactics to deny the vote to as many citizens as it takes, in order to let Republican candidates win elections:  because they can't win on the issues. It's as plain as the face in the mirror: you voted for these leaders and you send them the money to pay the bills.
Your plans may work in the short term. Here's a big bite of reality sandwich: the number of Democrats is increasing every year; the number of Republicans is decreasing. The party of the white is inexorably becoming the minority party. Do you think that, when non-whites become the majority of citizens, they should treat you the way you treated them? Should they gerrymander your votes into insignificance, and deny you the rights and privileges of citizenship, the way you have done to them?
In politics, turn about is fair play. Your calendars are marked with a day of reckoning and keeping that appointment is not optional. I don't think you're going to have a good feeling, coming out of that meeting.

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